How To Save For A Great Adventure


Many people say, “I would love to go on the adventure of a lifetime, but I could never afford it”. That kind of thinking keeps you at home and thinking, “if only”. “If only I won the lottery, I would tour the world!” etc. Of course you will probably never win the lottery, but the money you spend trying to win, could fund a great adventure.

The following are some of my past and present self-funded adventures:
I cycled the Camino Frances across the north of Spain from Logroño to Santiago de Compostela.
Next was a cycle from the Arctic Circle in Finnish Lapland to Helsinki via Haparanda, Sweden.
Next was a hike on the Camino Portuguese from Porto to Santiago.
I hiked the Camino from Santiago to Muxia and Cape Finisterre on two occasions and I will be doing it again this year.

How did I afford these adventures, or more importantly; how can you as a person with very little money to spare, afford the adventure of a lifetime? The answer is quite simple, but firstly, here are some examples of costs.

The cycle across the north of Spain cost me approximately €520. This included return airfares for myself and bicycle plus accommodation and food for 12 days.
The cycle from the Arctic Circle to Helsinki cost approx. €510. This included return airfares (myself and bike), food and just 2 nights accommodation, as I camped for the other 10 nights.
The Portuguese Camino cost €420 and included airfares, food and accommodation in albergues (pilgrim hostels) for 10 days.
The Caminos to Muxia and Cape Finisterre cost approx. €350 and included airfares, food and accommodation.

As an example: How can you get the money together to do the Camino to Muxia and Cape Finisterre? This Camino will involve 6 nights accommodation in pilgrim hostels (€50); 6 day’s food (€90 maximum) and return flights (peak season €210). Total: €350.

How do you get €350 together? It’s easy! Just put €1 per day aside for a year in a sealed money box. You draw or paste a picture of a vicious bulldog on the front of the box to remind you that you are not to break into it under any circumstances! :-). Do without a newspaper (€1.50) for five days a week (treat yourself at the weekend!) for a year and you will have saved €390. Saving €2 each day for a year amounts to €730! Wow! You could have some adventure on that! Small sums saved each day mount up and will get you the adventure of a lifetime that you would not otherwise be able to afford and won’t interfere with the household budget.

Give it a try and the best of luck!

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