My Motivational Talks

Would any group anywhere in Ireland like to book an almost 76 year old long distance cyclist and long distance hiker to give a motivational talk for approximately an hour. It can be tailored to meet the time that you have available.

I will be 76 years old in January. I hiked the Camino Portuguese and Camino to Muxia and Cape Finisterre last year. Within the past few months, I repeated the Camino to Muxia and Finisterre and I am now planning to do the Camino from Cadiz to Seville in south-west Spain next Spring. I also plan to hike from the Arctic Circle to the Gulf of Bothnia in Finnish Lapland next June.

Those of you who know me will also be aware that I walked from Slyne Head in Galway to Howth and from Dublin to Cork; pushing a baby’s buggy and took part in long distance cycles in South Africa, Hungary, Italy, Portugal, Spain, France and Finland. I also did 500 kilometre cycles in the U.S. in Monterey, California; in Flagstaff, Arizona; in Athens, Georgia and also in Niagara, Ontario, Canada.

If any of you younger or older people would like to be be inspired to get off your backsides and raise a few euro for your local charity; I’m available anytime and will travel anywhere to talk to you, and would feel honoured to be invited.

My email:

Please also visit:

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